Kansas Counselors: Tells About Technology, Experience, Attitude

Kansas CounselorsOne of the most common problems of any retail or service based business is collections. It is easier to find clients rather than collect payables from an inactive patron. But that was before Kansas Counselors went full blast. For decades now, the debt collecting agency is known to work very well under different situations. Whether immersion with the client’s business to simple consultation and recommendation, the company can truly cater to every collections related project.

Technology, Experience, Attitude

Kansas Counselors have always pride themselves with the mantra Technology, Experience, and Attitude. Indeed, each personnel in the collection firm has a winning attitude that will help in achieving the promise made to clients. They bank on their experience and partnered it with the experience that have honed their skills in turning every account receivable (AR) into a revenue. Thus, the result is always above the expectation of the customer – which immediately commence in processing overnight. In a matter of one night, all accounts receivables are pooled and sent demand letters with itemized collection recommendation.

The first attempt of notice will easily enable Kansas Counselors to separate delinquent debtors from more delinquent ones. They give these account receivables (ARs) a week to ten days to show up or contact them by phone or writing to discuss part due accounts and how these debtors can make up with their failures. These are the kind of debtors that they know who have the will to pay but may have lack the time and effort to do so. Those that do not contact them in any way are categorized to be the pain in achieving 0 collectibles. Still, the debt collection experts have means in getting even with these people. The counselors launches an outbound collection. Know more about their services here: http://www.ksbsrb.org/professionalcounselors.htm

With the help of their tried and tested technology, the Kansas Counselors will try getting in contact with really delinquent clients through phone calls. To date, the counselors are making at least 20 thousand calls in the hope of getting in contact with these debtors. Once they have established connection, the collectors encourage these debtors to pay their remaining balances in the most convenient means on the debtors’ part. When connection is not established, they will get these debtors listed with major credit bureaus. The last resort will be to escalate the matter and litigate those that have the means to pay but are simply not willing to do so.

Kansas CounselorsKansas Counselors are basically the most trusted in turning collections to revenues. They offer the most up to date strategies which continuously get enhanced to meet the standards of clients and the demands of delinquent debtors. As of this day, the counselors offer the following:

• Educational Seminars for free
• On-Going Training for free
• Skip-Tracing for free in the case that costumer moved or left without a trace or no forwarding shipping or mailing address
• Listing on Credit Bureau for free
• Full time service as Client Liaisons, which will free up in-house crews to entertain new clients as well as to provide back up to the client’s staff in answering queries.
• Provide Full Legal aid and litigation capabilities
• Kansas Counselors are accredited member of world-class associations the likes of American Collectors
• Company offers higher “Per Account” frequency in collection and attempts as compared with competitors
• With liability insurance for professionals
• Nationwide Professional Accounts Receivable Management
• Take into account even the smallest of balance accounts
• Up to date collection tools
• Highly secured inquiry online

The Kansas Counselors will definitely turn every inactive account alive again with their up to date collection strategies. In no time, even the smallest accounts receivable will be turned into revenue.